REBUILD is a 3 year Circular Economy research project (2017-2020) focusing on the design of  new circular building construction systems that co-ordinates and integrates key players and activities including: building and product design, dismantling and separation, high value remanufacture and market place exchange.

To achieve this will require new approaches to product reclaim and remanufacture.  It will also require demonstration of technical feasibility and superior economic, material and social value from such a redesign, as opposed to the current base linear case.


Circular economy systems

In a circular economy, growth comes from ‘within’, by increasing the value derived from existing economic structures, products and materials.

Structural products and components

Around 400 million tonnes of new materials are used in UK construction each year.

New construction methods

Most existing buildings were not designed for adaptation, dis-assembly, or high value reuse.