Growth Within: A circular economy vision for a competitive Europe, EMF 2015

In a circular economy, growth comes from ‘within’, by increasing the value derived from existing economic structures, products and materials. This major report quantifies the benefits for Europe – in terms of growth, household income, and environmental outcomes – of adopting a circular development path compared with our current linear one.

Circle Economy (n.d) Circular Amsterdam: A vision and action agenda for a circular Amsterdam.

The first Circle City Scan was completed with the city of Amsterdam, which is a pioneer in the field of circular economy. This report identifies areas in which circular business models can be applied and highlights strategies to accomplish practical implementation of these sustainable solutions. The Circle City Scan addresses where and how to start with tangible projects, and what the impact is in terms of jobs, environment and added (economic) value.

Halving Construction, Demolition and Excavation Waste to Land by 2012 compared to 2008

This report provides a snapshot of the progress being made by signatories to the Commitment, and specifically those who have submitted data to WRAP’s Waste to Landfill Reporting Portal.

The HISER Project

The main objective in HISER is to develop and demonstrate novel cost-effective holistic solutions (technological and non-technological) for a higher recovery of raw materials from ever more complex construction and demolition waste (C&DW) by considering circular economy approaches throughout the building value chain (from End-of-Life Buildings to new Buildings).